Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sixteen Peruvian Natural Wonders nominated for the Natural Wonders of the World Contest

Sixteen from a total of 51 nominated Natural Wonders in South America are located in Peru. From oasis to endemic micro climates, and from high snow peaks to the deepest canyons, Peru is a natural treasure to be discovered. After man-made Machu Picchu was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, now the variety of Peru’s natural richness is being recognized worldwide. South & Central America are the regions with more nominations around the world and Peru is the country with more nominations, selected by experts on nature and environmental commitment.

These are Peru’s nominated Natural Wonders:
Alpamayo Mountain Peak (Cusco, Southern Peru)
Huascaran National Park (Huaraz, Central Peru)
Rivers and Waterfalls:
Amazon River /River Forest (Iquitos, Northern Peru)
Apurimac River (Apurimac, Southern Peru)
Gocta Waterfall (Amazonas, Northern Peru)
Colca Canyon (Arequipa, Southern Peru)
Cotahuasi Canyon (Arequipa, Southern Peru)
National Parks:
Lomas de Lachay National Park (Lima, Central Peru)
Manglares de Tumbres National Park (Tumbes, Northern Peru)
Manu National Park (Madre de Dios, Southern Peru)
Pacaya Samiria National Park (Iquitos, Northern Peru)
Beaches, Lakes, Lagoons and Oasis:
Huacachina Oasis (Ica, Southern Peru)
Lake Titicaca (Puno, Southern Peru)
Llanganuco Lagoon (Huaraz, Central Peru)
Paracas Bay (Ica, Southern Peru)
Ballestas Islands (Ica, Southern Peru)

Alpamayo Peak

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