Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Arequipa promotes Colca Canyon as New 7 Wonder of Nature

The Autonomous Authority of Colca (Autocolca) created a huge worldwide marketing campaign to promote Colca Canyon as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and motivate Peruvians, tourists and internet users around the world to vote for this tourist attraction located in Arequipa, Peru.

The general manager of Autocolca, Juan José Luis Talavera Suarez reported that Colca Canyon, located in the province of Caylloma, deserves the recognition of the award because it is one of the deepest and most beautiful canyons in Peru.

This campaign named “Cañon del Colca, maravilla natural del mundo” (Colca Canyon, Natural Wonder of the World) started several months ago and its main objective is to promote this tourist attraction through media, parades as well as informative and photographic exhibitions.

Talavera also said this campaign has been moved to congress and different exhibition halls.“In Arequipa, we are presenting conferences, photographic and painting exhibitions. We have also carried out contests in different districts along the Colca Valley to promote voting”, he stated.

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News source: ANDINA


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