Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Colca Valley expects over 20,000 tourists in July

Colca Valley, located in Caylloma province, Arequipa, expects over 20,000 tourists in July, specially during the holidays, reported the manager of the Colca Autonomous Authority (Autocolca), Jorge Luis Talavera.
Last year the Colca Valley received 19,350 visitors in July, and this number is expected to increase in 2009, despite the international economic crisis and the AH1N1 flu that affect the entire world.
Talavera said that these inconvenients have not affected, so far, the tourist inflow to the Colca Valley, on the contrary, tourism increased by 11% in the first semester regarding last year’s.The official also said that sanitarian measures have been taken to prevent the AH1N1 flu in case it the flu is detected in Caylloma.
Autocolca purchased masks for the personnel working at the Colca Valley, besides regularly holding meetings with tourist operators to assume the sanitarian measures as well.
Talavera also said that they have coordinated with health centers to check patients with the new influenza AH1N1, in case it is reported among tourists coming to the area.


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