Friday, July 10, 2009

Pre-hispanic wall discovered at Historical Center of Cusco

A pre-Hispanic wall was discovered in the subsoil of the Historical Center while archaeological excavation works were being carried out, reported Friday Carlos Rosell Bocanegra, archaeologist at the Peruvian National Institute of Culture (INC) in Cusco.

The wall, built in green diorite stone, measures 80 cm. width, has 7-meter long in one archaeological excavation and an additional meter in the other excavation located 20 meter away, which is why people estimate the wall stretches over 100 meters across the street.

Specialists have not determined the period in which the wall was built yet; but according to its predominant characteristics, they believe it belongs to the Killke period or Early Inka, which will be ratified or rejected in the coming days.
“They will conduct a study of the ceramics found around the wall,” he added.

Triunfo Street comes out into Cusco Main Square. During the Inca period, it was the royal entrance to Antisuyo, one of four regions of Tahuantinsuyo.
Archaeological exploration works are being carried out as part of the improvement project in Triunfo Street by the Municipality of Cusco and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID)

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