Monday, July 13, 2009

Hotel chains in Peru reduce rates to attract more tourists

The president of Peru’s Hotels Society (SHP), Jose Koechlin, said Sunday that several five-star hotels throughout the country have been slashing their rates between 30% and 50% to attract more tourists. Koechlin explained that hotel owners have taken this measure in response to the global financial crisis impact on the country’s tourism sector.He said the reduction of hotel rates, which occurs during the peak months of the tourist season (July and August), aimed to lure more local and foreign tourists.
Koechlin noted this is the first time that major hotel chains have reduced their rates so much during peak seasons.
However, the SHP’s chairman added that despite this fact, Peru enjoys economic and social stability, as well as provides a diverse range of cultural, natural and historical attractions.“This allows Peru to grow tourist-wise since many more foreign tourists could come to Peru in preference to other countries, domestic tourism could also increase through innovative actions taken by the new Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister,” he said.

Source: Andina


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