Friday, July 10, 2009

Titicaca, Amazonas & Colca among 77 nominees in N7W of Nature

Lake Titicaca, Amazon Rainforest/River and Colca Canyon are listed among the top 77 nominees of the New Seven Wonders of Nature online campaign, based on worldwide voting for the 261 natural sites in the election’s second voting phase that ended July 7.
The New7Wonders Foundation reported that 11 South American nominees including the Peruvian ones are part of the list.
These are: Lake Titicaca (Bolivia and Peru), Laguna Colorada (Bolivia), Amazonas Rainforest (Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Surinam and Venezuela), Iguazú Falls (Argentina and Brazil), Kaieteur (Guyana) and Angel Falls (Venezuela).Atacama Desert (Chile), Chicamocha Canyon (Colombia), Colca Canyon (Peru), and Fernando Noronha (Brazil), complete the list of the South American natural wonder nominees.
The complete alphabetized list of the Top 77 is online at
Candidates in the campaign to choose the Official New7Wonders of Nature are clearly defined natural sites not created by nor significantly altered by humans for aesthetic reasons.
Following the established and recognized process used for the man-made Official New 7 Wonders of the World campaign, the New7Wonders Panel of Experts will now anonymously choose the 28 Official Finalists from the eligible nominees in the Top 77.
These will be announced in Zurich at the New7Wonders Foundation headquarters on July 21 at 12.07 GMT.The Panel of Experts will consider some criteria to make their selection, such as unique beauty of the nominated site, diversity and distribution across and among the different site categories, including landscapes, ice formations, islands, mountains, volcanoes, caves, rock formations, valleys, forests, national parks, nature reserves, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, seascapes.They will also consider ecological significance (both as eco-systems and/or in their significance for humans), historical legacy (relations that humans have or have had with the site), geo-location (even distribution of the 28 Official Finalists between continents and countries).

Source: Andina


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