Thursday, July 23, 2009

Peru launches Lima-Huancayo rail route tourist guide

Peruvian tourism officials have published the country's first rail route guide called “Lima-Huancayo Train: Adventure through the Andes,” in a bid to promote train trips through Rimac and Mantaro Valleys in central Peru.
The document describes the 332-km trip between Lima and Huancayo, departing from Desamparados Train Station in the Historic Center of Lima to the heart of Huancayo in Junin region.
The guide also features the most important tourist attractions located across Mantaro Valley and its four surrounding provinces: Huancayo, Concepcion, Chupaca and Jauja.It also includes rail, geographic, tourist, historic and/or mining aspects, highlighting the most popular tourist spots such as stations, bridges, zigzags, tunnels and high-Andean zones, among other attractions.
The guide is available both in Spanish and English and can be purchased on the Lima-Huancayo tourist train or ordered by phone.The guide, produced by Koki Zelaya Alva and Jose Parra Pinto, was sponsored by the Municipality of Santiago de Surco, Ferrocarril Central Andino S.A, Railroad Development Corporation and other local organizations.

Source: Andina


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