Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mancora beach expects to receive over 5,000 tourists during National Holiday

The magnificent beach of Mancora, located in Peru’s northern department of Piura, expects to receive over 5,000 domestic and foreign tourists during National Holiday, the Committee on Management and Tourism Development of Talara Beaches reported.
The Head of this organization, Harry Shuller, said that up to now hotel reservations amount to 60 percent for this season.
“Hotels have already reservations for these dates, but there are still more places because this year they opened new establishments, so they can receive more visitors,” he said.
He pointed out that they are receiving more Ecuadorian tourists this season, because Peru’s National Holiday coincides with Ecuadorian holiday period.
“We consider that we may receive over 5,000 tourists during National Holiday, however, we may receive more visitors, but we are cautious in our expectations due to AH1N1 flu,” he said.
In that sense, he emphasized that it is necessary that health authorities develop a huge information campaign on measures that must be taken to avoid contracting and spreading this disease.

Source: Andina

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