Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ancient tomb found in Machu Picchu archaeological park

Archaeologists at the National Institute of Culture (INC) have found a pre-Inca tomb in the Salapunku archaeological site, located inside the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park in Cusco, southeastern Peru.
Resident archaeologist Francisco Huaycaya Quispe said that these remains would belong to a woman from the Quillke culture, an indigenous which flourished before the Inca Empire.
According to the archaeologist, this hypothesis is based on the pottery and ruminant and poultry bones found at the site.
He mentined that this tomb has "interesting" features because it points towards a mountain called Wakaywillka, considered by the pre-Hispanic inhabitants the tutelary apu of the Vilcanota valley.
The discovery occurred in the sector III, located in a rocky area of the Salapunku archaeological site.
The archaeological site of Salapunku is at 2,631 meters above sea level in the foothills of the La Veronica mount and it occupies an area of 229.420 square meters.

Source: Andina



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