Friday, June 19, 2009

Arequipa expects to welcome over 25,000 tourists in August 2009

Arequipa prepares to welcome over 25,000 tourists in August, its anniversary month, when visitors will participate in different programmed activities, as well as know its tourist attractions, reported the regional government.
Rocio Cervantes, regional manager of Foreign Trade and Tourism, said that during the anniversary of the white city the tourist inflow increases on increasing interest of the visitors to participate in festivities.
Many cultural and artistic activities are programmed in that month, such as serenades, parades, parade floats, among others.
“Last year we received 25,000 tourists, this year we expect the number to increase, that is why we are working in coordination with other institutions linked to the sector,” she said.
Many tourist promotion plans are being developed in the coming months targeting local people, so they can know more about their province.

Source: Andina


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