Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hotel chains reduce rates to promote domestic tourism

The hotel chains operating in Peru, are reducing their rates to promote domestic tourism in order to make up for the drop in the number of foreign tourists due to the global crisis' effects, the Peruvian Hotels Association (SHP) reported Monday.
“Rates were not affordable to domestic tourists, but thanks to this crisis the domestic tourism has been stimulated and now rates are becoming more accessible to locals,” said SHP General Manager Tibisay Monsalve.
She said the global financial crisis has led hotels to focus on the domestic tourism, with the same importance given to foreign and corporative tourists.According to Monsalve, most of the 18 SHP hotel company members participating in the 1st Hotel Workshop “The Best of Peru”, think that the first results of the meetings, held with travel agencies and tourist operators on the improvement in the hotel occupancy rate, will be materialized in the medium term.
Monsalve expressed her satisfaction with the participation of new travel agencies in this working meeting, which brought them into contact with different national and international hotel chains.
“Many of our members are not aware of the existence of these agencies, which, despite they are small, should not be underestimated. Important business deals are conducted in these small travel agencies”, she said.

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Source: Andina


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