Monday, June 15, 2009

PeruRail likely to provide tourist services in Lake Titicaca in late 2010

PeruRail, a railway operator providing tourist, freight, and charter services in southern Peru, plans to launch luxury tourist services in Lake Titicaca in Puno in late 2010 aboard the 89-year-old English ship Ollanta, the company’s general manager Armando Pareja reported.
He explained that this ship is part of the property transferred by the Empresa Nacional de Ferrocarriles (Enafer) to Ferrocarril Transadino (Fetransa), concessionaire of Peru's southern and southeastern railways, which in turn handed them over to PeruRail with the operation of the trains in this region.
"This is a highly prized project for PeruRail, which will require an investment of between six and eight million dollars only in the restoration process, and we plan to finish it by the end of 2010," Pareja said.
He commented that so far the ship is in a dry dock, after having gone through works to ensure its survivability and direction as well as the change in the metal plates.
"In the coming weeks, we will return the boat to the lake to verify and fix the propulsion and control systems so it can operate under optimal conditions," Pareja said.
He noted that the project’s most expensive phase is remodeling the cabins because the aim is to regain the image of the ship in its original conditions.
"It will have 45 cabins, some with private bath, as well as a wooden deck, among other places," Pareja explained.
He said that PeruRail’s intention is to make first the restoration of the main deck and public areas because they will offer in a first phase daily tours, but tourists will not stay overnight on the boat.
"If tourism is developed in the area as it is expected, then we move to the second phase of the project, which is to develop tour packages for three days and two nights," Pareja added.

Source: Andina


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