Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Puno's natural & cultural wealth promoted on website

The natural and cultural wealth of Puno in southeastern Peru are being promoted on a website dubbed "Puno, Exportable Offer," launched by the Foreign Ministry office in this region. The website and a CD-ROM, launched last Friday, will be distributed and promoted among all Peruvian embassies, consulates and trade offices in the world. Handicrafts, jewelry, trouts, historical tourism and quinoa are presented as Puno’s flagship products on this website.
Foreign Ministry official in Puno, Ricardo Barreda said the project began in December 2008 with a digital catalog of Puno's products and tourist attractions.
The Regional Executive Committee for Export (Cerx), the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Production of San Roman, Puno Regional Chamber of Tourism and Puno’s Destination Management Organization (OGD) contributed to this initiative.
The material features information of the region's most important productive sectors and includes an updated directory of companies with great export potential or which are already exporting their products and/or services.
The purpose of its publication is to promote the capacity and quality of Puno's exportable offer in new markets worldwide, as well as promote its investment potential.
Tours in Puno: PUNO (Titikaka)

Source: Andina


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