Sunday, June 14, 2009

Casa Andina plans to built luxury hotel in Cusco next year

Casa Andina Hotels plans to built a luxury hotel in the city of Cusco next year, which could be opened at the end of 2011or at the beginning of 2012, reported its general manager Juan Stossel.

"Some time ago, we bought a land located a one-half block from Cusco's main square, where we plan to build a hotel with our new brand, which will have a higher level than the Private Collection (5 stars)," he told Andina.
Stossel said that the name of the new brand is in the elaboration process, although he noted that it will be focused on the segment with a higher purchasing power looking for exclusivity and personalized service.
"This 5,400 m2 property has the advantage that 35 years ago its old owners began the construction of a 300-room hotel, which included the corresponding excavations and basements, which will be used for our new hotel," he added.
In this regard, he commented that these basements will be a bonus for the hotel, since currently people can not execute this kind of constructions in the jurisdiction of Cusco due to municipal regulations.
With this next opening would be six the hotels that the chain has in Cusco, since it has four 4-star hotels (called Clasic) and 1 five-star hotel (Private Collection).
The four Casa Andina Clasic are: Cusco Catedral, Cusco Koricancha, Cusco Plaza and Cusco San Blas; while the 5-star hotel is the Casa Andina Private Collection Cusco.
Source: Andina


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