Sunday, June 14, 2009

First phase construction of Westin Libertador required US$ 68 million

Libertador Peru Hotel Chain, owned by Brescia Group, has invested 68 million dollars in the first construction phase of its Westin Libertador Lima Hotel, reported the company's general manager Jorge Melero.
The hotel project, which will be the tallest building in Peru, will require a total investment of 100 million U.S. dollars.“Up to now, we have invested 68 million dollars in the finishing works phase, among finished works and contracts," he told Andina.

According to Melero, at least 60 million dollars were allocated for infrastructure, and the rest to finishing works.
"The hotel construction started when raw material prices were at their highest point (2007), but due to the international uncertainty generated by the crisis, it will be finished at the lowest price point, making up the investment climate," he said.
The construction works of Westin Libertador Lima hotel, located in the district of San Isidro, will be completed by August 2010. The hotel will hold an official soft opening ceremony in November.
Source: Andina


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