Sunday, June 14, 2009

Peru promoted on Canada’s major newspapers

The tourist attractions of Peru, under the slogan "Exploring the most captivating places of Peru," are being promoted on fourteen of the most important newspapers in Canada such as the National Post.
According to a press release issued by Peru's Export and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru), Canada, a country with 37.2 million people and a per capita average annual income of $ 42,524 in 2008, is one of the key targets to promote Peru as a tourism destination.
In 2009, PromPeru plans to promote tourism to Peru in Canada with more than 100 activities throughout the year, either individually or jointly with Canadian tour operators, which are its strategic allies.
These activities include visits to the business sector (sales blitzes), participation in exchange trading of Addison, virtual seminars (webinars), online education for travel agents and familiarization trips. These events are supported by an advertising campaign via the Internet and the media.
Canadian tourist arrivals increased by 22.7% from 40,983 to 50, 306 tourists in 2008 compared to last year; in addition, the average spending of a Canadian in Peru also rose by 6.5% from $1,532 to $1,632 over the last year.PromPeru has managed to advertise Peru's tourist attractions in various and distant countries, thus making the Andean country a preferred destination amongst global travellers.
Source: Andina


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